Brand strategy
+ identity

We'll dive into a 2hr Strategy Call to focus on your Ideal Client, your Brand Values, Messaging, Content Strategy and a lot more! We'll work on your Brand Identity as well, making sure that your branding feels aligned and unique.
You'll get a complete Guide to help you (and your team) know exactly how to use your new Branding in the best way possible. You'll also get 15 Custom Templates for social media, that you can start using right away

Why is Strategy important?

I don't personally like to skip the Strategy step, the design process changes completely without it. Thanks to Brand Strategy we can clearly define Who you are, Who your Ideal Client is (and what do they really need from you), and how are you going to excel as an authority and a leader in your Industry. We're not trying to make you look "cute", we're here to help you embody the best version of your Brand. Knowing your values, your messaging, your content strategy, your competitors, what makes you unique in your field; all that information is going to help us create the most aligned + efficient Branding experience!





Your personality, your quirks, what makes you YOU, we want to embrace that and let it shine through your Branding!

Who is your Ideal Client, what do they need from you, how are we going to communicate with them (especially on social media) 

What industry are you in, who are your competitors, what are you selling and how can we make it unique and FUN


Brand Strategy

We'll get very clear on your Vision, Mision and Brand Values, we'll research your competitors and find ways to differentiate your brand and make it stand out, we'll research and interview your Ideal Client to get very clear on your Brand Archetypes (aka your people and how to communicate better!), and we'll craft unique actions to take moving forward with your Branding.

Brand Identity

This section includes:
  • Creative Direction + Moodboard
  • Primary and Secondary Logo
  • Brand Marks
  • Color Palette
  • Brand Pattern
  • Font Suite
  • Social Media Templates
You'll also get a detailed Brand Guide for you and your team!


Let's bring your Brand to life! Your new Branding will be ready between 4-6 weeks, and looking better than ever *chef's kiss*

Starting at 2 Payments of €899

Or €1695 paid in full

Looking for a Custom Package? No worries!

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