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“Create whatever causes a revolution in your heart. The rest of it will take care of itself.”

- Elizabeth Gilbert

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I know you have big dreams and goals, and I'm here to help you reach them. Using specific strategies and high-end Graphic Design, I take my clients to where they want to be and beyond.

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Bohemia is a clothing store from Buenos Aires, Argentina.

When we started this project, during our Brand Strategy Session, we decided along with the owner that one of the pillars for this Brand is the inclusivity of every size and body type, so we took that very seriously when designing this Brand.

The illustrations we created for Bohemia, and the photos we selected, portray real bodies and reflect their ideal client.

We wanted Bohemia to feel feminine, mature and classic at the same time. We wanted every woman to feel welcomed to the store and not intimidated by it.

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Energy Awakening is Daniella Symington's latest Coaching Program / Online Course.

Daniella has a very unique style, and we wanted to combine a lot of different elements for this project. We have the "beach vibes", the salmon colors, pink, blue. And on the other side we have the "golden hour". Shadows, purple colors, and some oranges as well. In the end the all worked out perfectly.

With the elements we wanted to capture the ocean waves, and some feminine touches with the gold accents. 

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Julissa Edwards is a Licensed Psychotherapist, Mindset Coach and Conscious Healer.

We started working together in April 2020, and after a year of creating content for her brand, she felt that her Branding was outdated. 

We had a Brand Strategy Session where we discussed everything about her ideal client, her programs, her goals, and a lot more. We ended the call feeling extremely clear on what the next steps for this Brand were going to be.

The logo for Julissa Edwards has a lot of hidden meanings. For example, we have the two spirals, representing a journey of inner healing . And we have the leaf, representing growth, hope, and renewal.

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If your goal is to have an impactful, memorable business, you simply can't settle for a logo template that you found online! Creating outstanding results for your business starts with your branding. At the end of the day, your branding is the face of your business, is how you present your Brand to the world, so you definitely don't want to overlook it. When used correctly, and together with a good Strategy, Branding can propel your business forward, from increasing your sales to creating an amazing online community. The opportunities are endless! 

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